Our Platform Services

A digital banking and VAS e-Vending platform as a service in true white label format. White label banking, mobile banking, virtual banking and much more. Operate your local or multi-national financial services business on our platforms or build a global VAS e-Vending business in record time. Our service strategy is to serve as business enablers by providing the best technology and platforms you need to compete in ever changing markets and conditions. Our platforms incubate and mature global market champions.

Complete white label


Our Platforms are 2DPAY Enabled

2DPAY is a new patented, safe and convenient way to pay merchants or beneficiaries from mobile apps or text menus. All the Kineto interfaces and applications are 2D Enabled by default.

Store & administer any type of value

The use of commodities or digital assets as value or currency is already the preferred way for fintech companies enabling innovative business models

Value added insurance product administration

Configure and manage any type of insurance product on our platforms. Extensive APIs provide an easy way for administrators to capture and process data. Policy control and payment collection modules cater for base of the pyramid service delivery.

Operate any kind of transactional bank

Extensive back-end administration. Card issuing, Kiosk, ATM, POS and merchant solutions. Extensive APIs for integration to 3rd party systems.

Informal agent based or retail VAS e-Vending

We enable local and global vending brands from a mere 10 mobile agents to 100's of thousands of merchants. Vending applications, product management back-end and much more on enterprise level technology.

Savings & Shopping co-operatives

A wide variety of white label apps, cards, merchant apps and much more to service a global ecosystem for any savings or shopping community.

Smart data collection and analytics

Extensive CMS and data capturing ability on the platform through many interfaces or API's. Self defined dynamic data fields in the back-end provides for infinite application and data analytics based on any given type of transaction defined.

What is your business case?

Trust the Kineto suite of platforms to enable your business. If you merely want to test a new product or service or looking to re-invent your business without spending large amounts of capital then the Kineto platforms will do the job. Contact us directly or work through one of our strategic partners or consultants.