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Wether you are an enterprise client looking for a white label solution or a consultancy company wanting to work with us and propose our platforms to your clients, or simply just interested to find out more, we welcome you all. How can we serve you? Please fill in the contact form and we will get back to you personally. Thank you for your interest in our company and services, we look forward to hear from you!

Please send us your request on email to [info at kineto dot co]. Alternatively you could leave your contact detail with the auto attendant bot located on the bottom right of the website. Hope to hear from you soon.

Our South African office is located on the 3rd Floor, La Concorde Building, 57 Main road, Paarl, Western Cape, 7646. Telephone +27 21 914 1402

Kineto offers a set of extensive platforms developed over the last 18 years. Contact us today and use the best.

We believe no amount of money can make up for experience and technology developed over one and a half decades. If you offer fintech solutions make sure your foundation you build on is solid.